We offer services of training horses and facilities to keep the horse till is transported. We are based in Barcelona area. 


Training young horses and horses with medium / high schooling. Doesn't matter If the horse has other type of education, will improve and will give to them the best cares ever. You will get a following service of photos / videos to see how is going your horse. 

Experienced in the horse world, we can improve the good temperament with all our knowledge giving respectful and education for dressage. 


Our experienced came from the beginning of our life, very young started to back young horses, horses with problems and vices, specialized in scared horses, giving them the patient and the love they need. We are specialized right now in the Iberian horse, enjoying all the time when we are up of them. We try to educated with the best ways, patient, love and respect. In the beginning can take a little time but when they trust in us, will improve and will be amazing how the horse will change. 



Training services

Offering training services from young horses to schooled horses. Specialized in Iberian horses. 

Views of the outdoor arena. 


Views of the diary office of our work.

Investment Horses

If you are investor and want to make business with horses, contact us. We have a great program to investment.