Welcome to FANTASTIC PRE. Pure Breed Spanish Horses born and raised here in Spain.


Fantastic PRE Horses is represented by Natividad who help you to find your right horse.

My work as international agent started in 2010 with the 3 first spanish horses sold to Germany,

then I continue with other clients from Spain and from Europe. Always I try to find horses healthy and quality.


I am considered as a good woman who likes the best for the clients, and for true animals lovers.

All days working to find the right horse for each client, the right height, age,  colour and movement and the most important: sound and healthy. 



Selecting horses for their quality and functionality...

Famous stallions bloodline from studbook who received many rewards...


The horses that they are here has been see and tried by me, 100% confidence.


If you are interested to buy a horse, please feel free to contact me at, 



mobile phone: (+34) 696322560 whatsapp

 Facebook: Horses for sale Fantastic PRE

Fantastic pre horses