Welcome to FANTASTIC PRE Horses. International Agency of Iberian Horses. 


Fantastic PRE Horses is represented by Natividad who help you to find your right horse, your match.

My work as International Agent started in 2010 with the 3 first Spanish horses sold to Germany,

then I continue with other clients from Spain and from Europe. Always I look for healthy and quality horses.


I am good woman, serious, worker who likes the best for their clients, LOOKING FOR THE BEST FOR THEM &  I Live the Horse Passion in my skin.

All days working to find the right horse for each client, the right measure, age,  colour and movement. 


" And the most important: sound and healthy. " 



<<Selecting horses for their quality and functionality...>>

<<Famous stallions bloodline from studbook who received many rewards...>>


The 98 % of the horse who are published in the website are being Tested from me. "100% TRUST DEAL".  

If you are interested to buy a horse, please feel free to contact us.


Having a Big Collection of Dressage Horses for sale right now, Some of them are not published , so please don't hesitate to contact .. 


E-mail: fantasticprehorses@gmail.com

Mobile phone: (+34) 696322560 Whatsapp

Facebook: Fantastic PRE Horses

Instagram: Fantastic PRE Horses


Click in the Image of WhatsApp and talk with us directly! 

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<<If you want a gelding Spanish horse and you like one who is stallion, no problem.  The horse can be gelded before the Import to your country with a minimum of 20 days for take care after the operation. With all the cares and medication necessary for him.  Ask about our best Veterinarian in each area and the fees for cover this extra service for you.>>

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