Domino is a young stallion of Andaluz horse, he is Pure Spanish breed but the original breeder hasn't the certified of breeding, and now is impossible to get the full papers. 

He is from 2015 
Height with stick measure: 1,65 meters tall 

Has UE passport.
Great temperament handle so friendly with the other horses and with the human, has a special connection when you look at him... is special boy. 
About movements is really good, strong back power for someone that want a special boy in their lives. 

Price: 5.500 € fixed

Beefeater is Pura Raza Español the most beautiful type of Spanish horses, the old type is here, I love this horse, is so gentle, lovely and friendly, his eyes are so kind... is a pretty soul. 
He is 1.60 meters tall
11 years old. 

He is the perfect match for nervous, inexperience and novice riders, is the best horse to left to our friends when they want to ride a good horse.
Price: 4.990 €

Esclava is a wonderfull female of Pura raza Español grey picazzo colour of 10 years old. 
She is 1.60 meters tall. 
Great body and beautifull movements. 

She is actually giving lessons to small kids in school center. She is living actually in paddock close to other horses. 

Price : 3.000 €

Espartaco is a PURA RAZA ESPAÑOL gelded from 1 year ago. Ridden in arena in basic gaits and starting to flexibility his back. 
He is the perfect match for a kids or someone wanted a beauty and friendly Spanish horse for leisure or basic dressage. 

Born in 2014. 
Height 1.55 meters with stick measure.

Price: 4.350 €

Monasterio is a very beautiful Andalusian horse, is a mix of lusitano and Spanish breed. He is the best mix of both worlds, his face is totally lusitano and great body for work, as dressage or working equitation. He seem very intelligent and is under saddle with long rope. Already knows a little Spanish walk in handle, is fabulous fast learning. 

3 years old
UE Passport. 
1.60 meters tall 

Price: 4.500 €

Wine grey color with short back. Looking as lusitano body but is SPANISH!!!! 
really nice temperament under saddle with the long rope. Need to grow more as horse and after this will be a beautiful horse at finally current measure. 

1.60 meters tall
01/11/2014 (3 years old) 

Price: 4.700 €

Mimado is a PURA RAZA ESPAÑOL full papers ANCCE. He knows the saddle and bridle. 
He is a beauty and smaller type of Spanish horse good for smaller riders or kids in the future. Has a good body conformation, good neck and strong bones. He looks as future saddle horse to enjoy. Is a hobby horse. 

1.575 Meters tall 
29/08/2014 (3 years old )

price: 4.500 €

Hispano is a young horse with big potential worker in arena, with great mannered and friendly temperament, giving more easy the treat for ride him. Is very safety in handle and ridden too. He is tested in arena and also around the boxes in the stables places, could be interessant partner for life.


Rose Grey 
1.62 metres 
Basic level 
5.900 €

Fantastic pre horses